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Nurturing the future, a taste.

Nurturing the future, a taste.
Drink was born in 1924 in the late Taisho era Mita.
So happens that was the year after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
The city is to eliminate the damage caused by earthquake
Was full of people who have strong power.
Mita drink, we will continue to walk together with you in the future.

『Let our children eat, like to drink』

Since its establishment in 1924 of the beverage Mita, which is the basic principle that never changes.
From examination of the raw materials, manufacturing processes one by one, inspection, through to logistics systems,
Safety to all taste freshness "quality first" manufacturing our products thoroughly.

Small lots production system

Move quickly adapt to an increasingly segmented market and diversified, so always keep the best quality of the product, beverage products manufactured at our factory are all Mita.
Moreover, customers in product development, production system we meet in small lots.

The shape of your inspiration

For example, eating fruit to make a dessert with a trip made ​​in the country. Please leave.
Beverages, of course, always be aware that if drinking Mita information surrounding the world's food,
We will follow the menu until the procurement of raw materials.
We will help you a little Eureka and images to your form.

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