About 会社案内

1924 Started business as Mita Yonezo Shoten.
1945 Factory destroyed by fire during wartime, but reopened in Oct.
1950 Commended as a fine factory by Tokyo Health and Medical Bureau.
1952 Registered as a business corporation.
1962 Starts to produce a healthy, natural additive-free juice.
1970 Company name changes from Mita Yonezo Shoten to Mita Beverage Co., Ltd.
1973 Introduced the pure packaging system from the U.S.A. to promote one-way packaging. Developed Japan’s first concentrate juice and syrup in paper containers for business use.
1976 Company further expands through a move to the newly constructed Hino Plant.
1981 Introduced the aluminum standing pouch production system.
1982 Introduces the stick packaging system.
1983 Introduces the retort system. Starts to produce cooked foods.
1987 Introduces the aseptic packaging system.
1988 Built and moved to a new plant to Hachioji-shi.
1990 Built Hachioji Second Plant.
1993 Expands the pure pack system.
1994 Expands the sterile filling rooms and UHT sterilization lines.
1995 Expands equipment for making condensed coffee, tea and oolong tea.
1996 Starts producing the world’s first 100% Italian blood-orange juice storable at room temperature.
1997 Starts to market “Kanchu-bai,” the industry’s first cocktail base for mixed drinks using hot water.
1998 Registered Mita’s new “SunField” brand as a trademark.
1999 Builds production equipment for PET containers & bottles.
The company celebrates its 75th anniversary.
2000 Moves to the new head office building in a further business expansion. The Hachioji Factory Office moves as well.
2003 Expands filling equipment for paper containers.
2004 Relaunchs the "Sunfield" brand to mark the company's 80th anniversary.
2006 Establishes an affiliate, Sunfield Asia Company Limited in Hong Kong.
2006 Acquires ISO 9001 certification (Head Office, Hachioji Factory).
2008 Acquired the certification of ISO9001.(Narahara Logistics Center)
2009 85th anniversary of its founding
2010 Bottle filling machine updated.
2013 Acquires ISO 22000 certification.

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